NA Streamer Challenge

NA Steamer contest!

I am starting a competition for all North American streamers for a chance to win a custom painting!
Each streamer that wants to participate will receive a promo code under their name for 10% off on my Shopify page. (Only one existing item on my shopify page, not on commissions)

The first one with 5 promo codes used will win the contest.

The winner shall receive a 12 in x 12 in canvas (worth
$170 CAD), their choice of colors for the background and logo and race, only pay the shipping!
All you have to do is add a command to your stream ( ex !cyto )

• 1. Add the link to my shopify page:
• 2. Mention the promo code that I will give you.
• 3. Promote it on your discord or anywhere via social medias.

All I asking from you is to positively talk about my art and refer your community to my shopify. Just taking a minute during your stream to let your viewers know you are offering a promo code. The command it's just to make it easier to share the link and code.

I'm offering help for content creation on this if you desire. I will also help you by making a promo flyer for your social media accounts if you want one. Send me some twitch clips or any video of you promoting my art and I will make a compilation that can be used in the promo. I'm making a series for the challenge and I will promote your twitch on my Youtube channel.

This is our video series as an exemple :

*Only available for US and Canada

Share this page to your streamer friends!

Just DM me on :

Discord : Cytotonik#3413
Twitter :
Twitch :

Give me your Twitch channel, I will go follow you and as a streamer too I will raid your if I have an opportunity.