Cyto’s Fundraiser tournARTment


Date : 27 november 2021
Time : 7h pm EST
Casters: Dave Testa and ChickenMan

Challonge :

Open MMR
Format : Single Elimination
BO3 - BO5 - B07 
Vetoes : A B B A A B C 
Maps : Current Ladder map Pool
Matches on NA servers
Ingame channel : davetesta
Dave Testa Discord :

Art Prize: 
1st Place Commissioned Artwork (Value  12 x 12 in = $170 CAD)

Matcherino :

    Matcherino Payout: 
    50% funds for Cyto - 50% Players 
    Top 4 payout
    Distribution of the 50% for player : 
    1st place - 40 %
    2nd place - 30 %
    3rd place - 15 %
    4rd place - 15 %

    Rules : 
    - No BM or toxicity (ingame, on twitch chat or in discord) 
    - No cheating (stream snipe or hack)
    - Grand-finals & semi-finals will be casted.
    - Walkovers will be given after 15 min.
    - The default server is NA, but other servers can be played if both players and admins agree on.

    Cyto is an active member of the SC2 community and an artist, but she has to take care of her mother with cancer. She is a full time caregiver and had to quit her job in january 2021. Her only income comes from her small support on twitch and selling her artwork on her shopify shop.
    Dave Testa offered to help and make a fundraiser event because he believes the starcraft community can be generous and help.

    Ways to support Cyto : 


    Donate in the matcherino

    Direct donation to Cytotonik :
    Sub to her Twitch Channel :
    Support Cyto on Patreon :
    Tip the casters: